Small school for entrepreneurs – V MODULES : 13.01.-11.02.2023.

Financije za nefinancijaše – webinar

Intended for

  • For people who are thinking about entrepreneurship, are entering, or have recently entered entrepreneurship

  • Concrete training that participants / entrepreneurs will be able to use immediately in their business. It provides concrete, applicable knowledge, the goal of which is to improve business skills, which will ultimately result in an increase in income or business expansion or similar.



Friday, 13.01. 17:00-20:00 h + Saturday, 14.01.2023. 10:00-13:00 h

10+ THINGS EVERY ENTREPRENEUR (and those who want to become one) MUST KNOW

  • I have an idea – should I open a business or a company? We have decided to trade, what are the advantages and disadvantages of flat trade? We decided for a company whether to start with j.d.o.o. or d.o.o. ? Or are we engaged in agricultural activity, so maybe OPG is a better solution for us to enter the market?
  • Registration data of a legal entity and what should we do after opening a trade or company?
  • VAT – whether or not to enter the VAT system? VAT according to the invoice issued and the fee charged? What is our obligation if we do business with the EU?
  • The Tax Administration is asking us for a Space Lease Agreement, what do we need to know about it?
  • The tax administration is asking us for a contract with an accounting service, how to choose an accounting service that will follow us?
  • Owner=director=employee, what are all the possibilities, rights and obligations?
  • We will hire workers, what is the minimum cost of work, rights and obligations and possible benefits during employment? Work records and payroll. Possible tax-free payments to workers.
  • What if there is no money (low income or bad collection): how and under what conditions can you borrow money from a legal or natural person, from the owner or a bank? We need to withdraw money from the company – what are all the legal options? When do we have to manage the cash register?
  • Financial statements: what should be paid attention to and how to read them in a simple way? What should be asked to the accounting department when signing the report? Which financial statements are mandatory?
  • + other important details that interest every entrepreneur, such as:
    • Using a personal car for company business – tax treatment and what is required when it is an official vehicle and what when it is private property?
    • Travel orders – when are they written and how to write them correctly?
    • What is representation and what should we do when we honor someone or give a business gift? What is the tax treatment of the national team?
    • The cost of education and other possible tax benefits?
    • What is it and why is depreciation important? List of fixed assets? What if we no longer use something?
    • What is second income, when can we enter into a work contract and how much does it cost? What is copyright?
    • What is cassa skonto and how to check whether we are making money in the end?
    • The customer paid us in advance, what are our obligations?
    • The customer did not pay us on time, what are our options?
    • What is a promissory note and what is a promissory note and what is important to know about these payment instruments?
    • Donations and sponsorships?
    • What is commodity accounting and when should we keep it?
    • Deficits and write-offs on goods, tax treatment

 Lecturer – Kornela Paunović


Saturday, 21.01.2023. 09:00-13:00 h
  • Why sales are important in entrepreneurship
  • How to determine your target group
  • Where and how we find customers
  • Basics of selling
  • Pricing strategies (cost-plus pricing, competitive pricing)
  • Value based pricing
  • How do we present ourselves and our product/service
  • Psychology of purchase
  • Influence and negotiation
  • Communication
  • Complaints management

Lecturer – Gordana Kadoić


Saturday, 28.01.2023. 9:00-13:00 h
  • Website: How to create a quality website that sells?
  • Website architecture
  • SEO – Search engine optimization for better positioning of the site on search engines
  • How to apply social networks in business and which networks to choose?
  • Google Ads advertising – Search, display and remarketing network
  • Youtube advertising
  • Facebook and Instagram ads and post scheduling
  • Facebook Business Manager user interface
  • Creating ads on Facebook
  • Campaign performance monitoring and analysis

Lecturer – Dragan ŠajatovićRed Brick


Saturday, 04.02.2023. 9:00-13:00 h
  • Grants from EU funds and Union Programs
  • Familiarity with state grants at the local and national level,
  • Incentives of the Croatian Employment Service
  • How to get incentives for self-employment
  • How to write a quality business plan
  • Overview of websites where tenders are published
  • Overview of upcoming tenders
  • Elaboration of the project idea on the example of a real competition
  • Development of a project idea for self-employment

Lecturer – Antonija Bakeš


Friday, 10.02. 17:00-20:00 h + Saturday, 11.02.2023. 10:00-13:00 h
  • Employment: deciding on the best candidate and sending a job offer – what must it contain?
  • Employment contract for a fixed or indefinite period
  • job title and description
  • contracting a trial period
  • defining salary
  • Types of termination of the employment contract: regular and extraordinary termination
  • Termination of a fixed-term employment contract
  • Cancellation of the employment contract during the trial period
  • Form, explanation and delivery of resignation
  • Notice periods
  • Cancellation with an offer of a modified contract
  • Vacation
  • GDPR
  • Obligations of protection at work
  • Risk assessment and worker training
  • Performing work protection tasks
  • Special working conditions
  • First aid, medical examinations and occupational medicine
  • Evacuation, plans and exercises
  • Personal protective equipment
  • What in case of injury to the worker
  • Alcohol, smoking and addictive substances
  • Work from home
  • Necessary tests of installations, premises and work equipment
  • Fire protection, fire extinguishers, worker training
  • Surveillance devices
  • Specific obligations regarding the activity (construction sites, chemistry, etc.)

Lecturers –  Davor Šamec

Time: 13.01.2023. – 11.02.2023.

Price: EUR 1,000 (HRK 7,534.50)


Bonus: All participants will receive a Red Brick
voucher of HRK 2,500.00 for Google Ads advertising!

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